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Work at your own pace
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Getting a tutor is a big decision; there are many benefits for students, but finding the right tutor can be challenging. That is where we can help.

We have checked the qualifications of our tutors so you have one less thing to worry about. 

As a small bespoke agency, we know our tutors well.

This means we can match you with a tutor that meets the student's needs. 

If you'd prefer to pick your own tutor, you can look at the selection below.

Benefits of tutoring
    • Increase knowledge
    • Increase confidence
    • Fills in gaps
    • Improves exam technique

Hand Selected Tutors

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For Clients

For an experienced A-Level tutor with track record of getting students good grades, you can expect to pay upwards of £50 an hour. We only let teachers tutor A-level due to the complexity of the subject and exams.

For GCSE you can expect to pay upwards of £40 an hour for a teacher or £30 an hour for an unqualified tutor.
Our tutoring is online.
We have lots of tutors who are experienced working with students with a range of needs; just let us know, and we will work to match you with an experienced tutor.
Once the session has been marked as complete by the tutor, you'll get sent an invoice. After you pay the first bill, you will be auto charged for the rest of the lessons.
The process of finding your perfect tutor 👩‍💻📝💯
  1. Sign up as a client.
  2. Reply to the welcome e-mail telling us what you're looking for.
  3. We will look at what you need and create a ‘job’; we will let you know when this is created and you can always check this on the student(s) profile.
  4. We send out a notification to tutors that have the required skills.
  5. Any interested tutors will apply for the job.
  6. We will look through the applications and pick the best one for you based on what you’ve told us that you’re looking for and the tutor's skills.
  7. We will assign the best tutor to the job and exchange contact details.
  8. The tutor will contact you to arrange the best time for the lesson.
  9. After the lesson has taken place, we will send you an invoice. 
No, we're busy working Mum's with a bunch of kids under ten. That means our working hours are not in line with 'normal'. We get our best work done when the kids are in bed, which is generally too late for us to be disturbing you. Other agencies will call you for a chat, but they will likely be more expensive.

For Students

Once you log in, You'll be able to see your calendar with link to the online session, and download any associated work.
I'm sorry, but I'm busy writing the predicted papers for next year, so I am not doing any tutoring personally.

For Tutors

You'll need a current DBS certificate and to teach A-Level QTS.