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GCSE Science Predicted Papers - AQA
Charlotte A. (Liverpool, GB)
Fab predicted papers!

Papers were really good- representative of what may come up in the summer. Was really helpful for revision.

A-Level Biology Predicted Papers
S A.P. (Hebden Bridge, GB)

A-Level Biology Predicted Papers

always reliable

Always so brilliant - thank you!!!!

Such amazing value for a grade changing product

6 markers are the hardest to master but with practice they get easier. If you manage to do the majority of these 6 markers you will have covered all bases get and get those high grades

A-Level Sociology Predicted Papers
Michael W. (Runcorn, GB)
Worthwhile purchase

Purchased the sociology predicted papers for my grandson. The papers will definitely be useful for his studies. How accurate the papers will be , will only be known after the exams. There are associated video walkthroughs but I had not realised that there was an extra cost for these, which I acknowledge was my error but perhaps this could be made clearer.

GCSE Science Predicted Papers - AQA
Kanagu S. (Hounslow, GB)

GCSE Science Predicted Papers - AQA

GCSE Maths revision plan
couch (Deeside, GB)

very helpful keeps thing organised

AQA GCSE Biology Revision Bootcamp
Lara H. (Manchester, GB)

Bought it two weeks ago for my GCSEs, as a current y11. It’s been so useful so far and can’t recommend it enough

GCSE Science revision plans
Syed K. (Glasgow, GB)

Good revision

Primrose kitten higher maths master class

My daughter finds this so useful and helpful. She has used this so much since I brought it for her . Would highly recommend

GCSE Maths (Higher) Exam Masterclass
Abi B. (Swadlincote, GB)

GCSE Maths (Higher) Exam Masterclass

Long vids

Longer videos please

The new ones are over an hour long! I will keep getting as many videos done as we can for you!

GCSE Science Predicted Papers - AQA
Fatima O. (Bolton, GB)


Really helpful

Amazing videos and questions, so so so helpful !!

A-Level Biology revision plan
KR (Birmingham, GB)
Revision plan

Very helpful

A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers
Mohammed S. (Leicester, GB)

A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers

Daily Study Planner
Helen W. (Leyton, GB)
Study Planner

It was very useful, and helped me to manage my time efficiently.

GCSE Maths Predicted Papers
192 B. (Southwark, GB)
GCSE Maths Foundation

Thank you it was most useful i have been struggling with Maths and require a grade 5 to pursue my goals. I have started revision and this has helped immensely

Daily Study Planner
hadiya f. (Halifax, GB)
Daily Study Planner Review!

I bought the planner in hope of it making me become more productive and efficient with my time, and all i can say is that it did the job!! I’m really happy with the way it was sent, including all the little extras, and the Planner itself is divided so you can take the pages out for each day and file them away or get rid of them when you’re done! It’s been great for keeping up with a-level
work and has enabled me to become a lot more efficient , so i would definitely recommend especially to any who struggles to sit down and work without a plan!!

Daily Study Planner
Jasmine (Bristol, GB)

Daily Study Planner

Daily Study Planner
Cameron M. (Southwark, GB)

The Planner has kept me right on track

75 Long answer questions

This resource is fantastic
Students really grasped the steps needed to answer a 6 marker and a framework to follow
Highly recommend

GCSE Science Flashcards
D.J. (Birmingham, GB)

Really recommend! They help a lot!

GCSE Maths revision plan
al (Wembley, GB)
Amazing and so useful


GCSE Science revision plans
Joban (Rochester, GB)

GCSE Science revision plans