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A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers

Primrose Kitten has been a life saver

Despite an academic background in adult education, when you're trying to help a struggling (read completely failing) student, the material and guidance (read video lessons) from Primrose Kitten have been essential tools. Two years of severe disruption to their education have left students with learning deficits they will struggle to recover from for a very long time. This is why these students need mentors and role models to ease their path into educational success. I am just a customer of Primrose Kitten, but they have my heartfelt thanks for all their efforts. Just keep going, there is a vast educational need for this service in the UK. Thank you.

A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers
Tarteel S. (Ashbourne, GB)

A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers

A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers
Alice B. (London, GB)

Finally completed A level chemistry! The predicted papers were really helpful and had some challenging questions that helped prepare me for the exams. Amazing customer service and was quick to fix the mistake I made while purchasing
Thank you so much ! I love the videos too :)

Great revision materials

The videos from Primrose Kitten combined with the predicted papers have been a great help for my son. We’ve used these materials in the final days before the exams as last minute/refresh revision and they have helped immensely.

GCSE Science Predicted Papers - Digital Version
Rebecca N. (Burton-on-Trent, GB)

These were all very helpful and reassuring to do the day before the exam. Would recommend.

Excellent resource

I have recently bought the GCSE foundation maths and combined science predicted papers for 2022. So helpful to help him focus his revision and do some last minute practice . He feels much more confident now.

So so helpful and some of the questions were similar to the real exam! :)

really good!!

GCSE Science Flashcards
Saira A. (Luton, GB)
Predicted papers

Great source to revise from ,I'm glad I know where to find appropriate stuff for my other kid as well

Very good. My younger brother found it very useful for his English exam.

A-Level Biology Glossary - Digital Version

I think the predicted papers were helpful but should have more context questions

GCSE Science Predicted Papers - Digital Version


Helped a lot

was very useful and helped a lot leading up to the exams

Great papers which deepen understanding

I really liked the papers and thought that they were useful. I would suggest that you purchase only one and then see if you like it (chances are you will!) and then buy the others!!

Thank you Primrose Kitten for everything over the years and all the help your channel has given us!

Chemistry Paper 1 Predicted Paper Review

The paper was very useful in predicting which topics would come up, and it really helped me to revise the right areas without confusion. The chemistry exam actually went quite well as a result!

GCSE Science Predicted Papers - Digital Version

Great Purchase

Really pleased I bought this for my daughter. Incredibly useful

A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers
Vishruth D. (Harrow, GB)
Useful and Challenging

The questions set weren’t typical of easy AQA exam papers and had a lot of good ones that make you think. Was definitely worth buying.

5 star

Thank you they are really helpful and l was able to find questions based on required practicals and testing my knowledge on other topics really helpful . But could you please do more working science questions like accuracy and precision and more questions on practicals. :)

Absolutely brilliant

Clear and detailed. Brilliant resource