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Awesome Stickers!

These stickers are absolutely amazing! I stuck them on my folders for 6th Form and the quality is pristine. They still look really good even after almost a month. I highly recommend them!

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Kirsty S. (Dudley, GB)
Just brilliant

Students have already found the GCSE Physics Equation Poster very useful and were very appreciative. They look great! Every year 11 student has one stuck in their book, and now want extras for home too.

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Amy P.P.T. (Coventry, GB)

Thank you - we are looking forward to our year 11's using these.

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Nick B. (Ilminster, GB)

High quality product. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Wonderful resources

Such a simple yet invaluable way of tracking my study progress. Thank you! 😊

Weekly Study Planner
Sumayyah A. (Bethnal Green, GB)
Very useful and cute!!!

I am not doing A-levels or GCSEs however my younger brother is so I gave him a weekly study planner and as for me I am studying psychology at uni so I decided to get a sticker. I would say both are cute and pretty as well as useful. It also came with some free additional stickers which were really generous!

Revision Plans
Shah (Leyton, GB)

love love love


Brilliant quality and nicely designed stickers!!

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Faiza S. (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
Physics equation poster

Beautifully printed and laid out, children loved them as a take home present. Thanks for the quick delivery and response.

Revision Plans
Julie J. (London, GB)
Great revision tool

Suggesting all my students use these as a starting point for their revision

Great Workbooks

It is a good way to revise along with the YouTube videos. The combination of videos and workbook is really helping my daughter to cover her GCSE curriculum as she has missed a lot because of Covid.

GCSE Science Flashcards
Granth N. (Northolt, GB)

Brilliantly done and easy to use !

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Matthew B. (Chelmsford, GB)
Perfect yet simple

Perfect tool for students to refer to to get equations required during lessons!

GCSE Physics equations posters

This is a fab resource. They look amazing. Thanks for sending them out.

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Marcus W. (Alfreton, GB)
GCSE Physics Equation Sheet

A very well laid out equation sheet, colourful and straight forward.

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
d f. (Portsmouth, GB)
Great resource

Excellent high quality one page sheet that's bright and easy to read. We are planning to laminate ours so that each class can have a full set to use as needed.

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Pauline H. (Runcorn, GB)
Clear and bright

This poster is well sequenced and helped my students learn the jey equations for the ‘exams’

Awesome stickers

Really love my biology and physics stickers. Just need to decide where to put them so they’re properly shown off!

Planner Pads
Carla D.S. (St Albans, GB)
Love these!

These pads are great and my trainee loved them when I gave them to her. Well designed to help prioritise workload and pretty too.


These are absolutely what you need to understand and do to get going with long answers ……

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Annette K. (Birmingham, GB)
GCSE physics poster

Really useful - small enough that you can pin up on the wall and bright to help you remember it!

GCSE Physics Equation Poster
Steven C. (London, GB)
Excellent sheets

Year 10 found these sheet invaluable for their end of year exams

Revision Plans
Granth N. (Harrow, GB)

They are just outstanding….exactly why you need to plan things out …ThAnkyou

GCSE Maths Equation Poster
Nicola L. (Surbiton, GB)
Brilliant Posters!

Colourful and full of information - great for year 10s and 11s.
Thank you so much!

GCSE Maths Equation Poster
Nicky L. (Burton-on-Trent, GB)
Wonderful Resources

The poster was a fantastic addition to our resources. They were well designed and caught the pupils attention. Would fully recommend these to all Maths Dept.

Thank you Primrose Kitten for the Equation Posters