Two-month revision plan, with what topics to do on each day.

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How to use these…

  • Each session should only be 25 minutes.
  • This works out at as one hour of revision per subject each week. This is a very reasonable amount of work to be doing!
  • Some session will be easier than others.
  • Don’t skip any sessions
  • If you can’t do a session change it to a break day
  • This is the minimum amount of revision you should be doing if you want to get a top grade or to do science at A-Level you need to do the extended plan as well.
  • The extended plan includes long session for doing whole papers
  • Following these revision plans does not guarantee you getting the grade you want.
  • Use the faces to see where you need to do extra revision


If you want to start early…

  • Start with the topics you’re not good at
  • Fit in practice papers
  • Do some mathsy questions
  • Practice 6-mark questions


In May…

  • Go over topics you don’t feel happy with
  • Watch the whole topic videos
  • Use your flashcards

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GCSE Science revision plans

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Amanda P. (Smethwick, GB)

A-Level Biology revision plan

Cheema (Southall, GB)

A-Level Chemistry revision plan

Amanda F. (Merton, GB)
Maths GCSE revision plan (and other materials)

PK materials are amazing because Jen thinks through what is helpful for students and she has a system! One of her best documents to get hold of is the Matrix - it helps you to note progress in a really measurable way. Ideally, you will have found Primrose Kitten materials as soon as you start secondary school because her materials are likely to be miles better than anything school gives you - that is certainly our experience. Plus, and this is a massive PLUS - she has a method and a system to help you learn, whilst actually enjoying learning. So go ahead and search for all her materials. Love the instant download too, and the answers being on the same document as the question paper (not like other revision materials where it is separate, or only on a QR code). Highly recommend Primrose Kitten for ease of download, for focus, helpful short topics and a method to track your progress. And if you have any questions, they answer emails within 24 hours! Fantastic, helpful replies. (just wish we had found them sooner!)

Nifemi O. (Swansea, GB)

A-Level Maths revision plan

niv (Burgess Hill, GB)

very useful

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