OCR-A Biology

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· Practical skills assessed in a written examination

· Practical skills assessed in the practical endorsement

· Cell structure

· Biological molecules:

Monomers and Polymers | Video |

Water | Video |

Monosaccharides, disaccharides | Video |

α-glucose and β–glucose and their polysaccharides, glycogen, starch and cellulose | Video |

Tests for reducing sugars, non-reducing sugars and starch | Video |

Lipids | Video 1 | Video 2 |

Amino Acids, dipeptides and polypeptides | Video |

Protein structure | Video |

· Nucleotides and nucleic acids

· EnzymesBiological membrane

· Cell division, cell diversity and cellular organisation

· Exchange surfaces:

Gas exchange in fish gills | Video |

· Transport in animals:

The Human heart | Video |

· Transport in plants

· Communicable diseases, disease prevention and the immune system

· Biodiversity

· Classification and evolution

· Communication and homeostasis

· Excretion as an example of homeostatic control

· Neuronal communication

· Hormonal communication

· Plant and animal responses

· Photosynthesis:

Photosynthesis - light dependent | Video |

Photosynthesis - light independent | Video |

· Respiration

· Cellular control

· Patterns of inheritance

· Manipulating genomes:

PCR | Video |

· Cloning and biotechnology:

Genetic fingerprinting | Video 1 | Video 2 |

· Cloning and biotechnology

· Ecosystems

· Populations and sustainability

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Negervan K. (Bristol, GB)

A-Level Biology Predicted Papers

Hay (Leicester, GB)
Essay title came up

One of the essay title was correct for paper 3. There was a question “what is a gene pool?” In the paper 3 predicted paper that came in paper 1 real exam. If you are to buy, then I would recommend to do all of the papers before your first Biology exam. The papers this year heavily focussed on immunity which was not predictable by anyone so use the papers as a guide to practice all the skills needed for the exam. The main issue I had was that the mark scheme didn’t allow for other responses that could easily fit the question so I think more answers to the same question which are equally acceptable should be included to avoid confusion.

Muhammad A. (Oldbury, GB)

A-Level Biology Predicted Papers

Mozamel S. (Hounslow, GB)
Good practice

It certainly wasn’t anywhere near 100% accurate, but I didn’t expect it to be. It served as good practice. I did it the night before my actual exam and got an A in the predicted paper, which served as a massive boost of confidence. So whether or not is was accurate to the real thing, it certainly did help boost my grade (no jinx).

Munira O.Y. (Bromley, GB)

Hi the papers are fine thank u but it’s quite unfortunate we don’t get a walkthrough with the exams and I have to pay extra money to access the YouTube channel ? But otherwise it’s all good .