AQA Paper 3 has a 25 mark essay question, you get the choice from two titles. This question is over 30% of the marks for this paper.


Writing this essay is more than just dumping all the content you know down on paper, there is a technique to it! and 2 of the marks come from content not on the spec. 

This is a free-response essay; generally, a sentence you can write a lot about, you will get the choice of two topics to write about. Writing this essay is more than just repeating the content you have learnt. I will help you understand what the examiners are looking for and how to structure your answer to aim for the top marks.

137 pages. 53,566 words

This book has sections on how to write the essay and what you need to do to get full marks; suggested content for a range of essay titles; sample student essay, with accompanying grades and feedback from real examiners!

This book can be used by students to revise the content or by teachers to help students understand what is needed from the essay. The grades from real examiners means it can also be used for internal standardization by schools and trainee teachers. 

Each essay starts on a new page so it is easy for teachers to print off a single essay to hand out to students.

Table of Contents

  • How to write the essay           5
  • Assessment objectives           5
  • The Mark Scheme       5
  • Unfocused 1-5 marks 6
  • Unistructural 6-10 marks        6
  • Multistructural 11-15 marks  6
  • Relational 16-20 marks           6
  • Extended Abstract 21-25 marks         6
  • The annotations on an answer           7
  • How to structure your answer           7
  • Essay Plans      8
  • Handwriting    8
  • Things that will lose you marks…       8
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar  9
  • Terminology    9
  • Extended Abstract level answers       9
  • A Holistic Answer       9
  • Reading beyond the specification for Extended Abstract 21-25 marks.        10
  • What other people score        10
  • Double marking and remarks 10
  • Suggestions for content          11
  • Sample student essays           11
  • The Importance of Substances Containing Nitrogen 12
  • Suggestions for Content          12
  • Sample Student Essay 16
  • Examiners marks and comments       19
  • The Importance of Hydrogen Bonds to Living Organisms     20
  • Suggestions for Content          20
  • Sample Student Essay 23
  • Examiners marks and comments       25
  • Sample Student Essay 26
  • Examiners marks and comments       28
  • The Importance of Water to Living Organisms          30
  • Suggestions for Content          30
  • Sample Student Essay 32
  • Examiners marks and comments       34
  • The Importance of Movement Within Organisms     35
  • Suggestions for Content          35
  • Sample Student Essay 42
  • Examiners marks and comments       44
  • Sample Student Essay 45
  • Examiners marks and comments       47
  • The Importance of Enzymes to Living Organisms      48
  • Suggestions for Content          48
  • Sample Student Essay 54
  • Examiners marks and comments       56
  • Sample Student Essay 57
  • Examiners marks and comments       59
  • The Importance of Ions to Living Organisms 60
  • Suggestions for Content          60
  • Sample Student Essay 65
  • Examiners marks and comments       68
  • Sample Student Essay 69
  • Examiners marks and comments       71
  • Sample Student Essay 72
  • Examiners marks and comments       74
  • The Importance of Cycles to Living Organisms          75
  • Suggestions for Content          75
  • Sample Student Essays           82
  • Examiners marks and comments       84
  • The Importance of Shape Specificity to Living Organisms     85
  • Suggestions for Content          85
  • Sample Student Essays           89
  • Examiners marks and comments       93
  • Sample Student Essays           94
  • Examiners marks and comments       96
  • Sample Student Essays           97
  • Examiners marks and comments       99
  • The Importance of Relationships and Interactions Between Organisms      100
  • Suggestions for Content          100
  • Sample Student Essay 105
  • Examiners marks and comments       107
  • The Importance of Membranes Within Living Organisms     108
  • Suggestions for Content          108
  • Sample Student Essays           115
  • Examiners marks and comments       119
  • The Importance of Carbon Dioxide in Organisms and the Ecosystem           120
  • Suggestions for content          120
  • The Importance of Energy Transfers Within and Between Organisms         124
  • Suggestions for Content          124
  • The Importance of DNA Within Living Organisms     128
  • Suggestions for Content          128


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AQA Essay Booklet for Paper 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jude (Westgate on Sea, GB)

Very useful and a lot of good key material.

Excellent resource

This is an excellently put together document, set out clearly and helpful to teachers and pupils, offering an insight and clarification on essays, what the examiners expect with examples and suggestions. Highly recommended.

Matthew S. (Datchworth, GB)
Excellent range of essays

This is so useful for reading essays and actually having feedback directly from the examiners on it. It is also so helpful for identifying topics as well that could be included in the essays. A great read. As a teacher it is invaluable as a resource. Highly recommended.

F. (Oldbury, GB)
Fantastic resource

This is an excellent resource for helping to prepare students for essays. Great for improving teacher knowledge as well as the opportunity for students to mark some examples and see how markschemes are applied. Useful for developing synoptic knowledge in other specifications that don’t have an essay component too.

Daniel H. (Bury St Edmunds, GB)

This resource is so good. As a teacher it has provided me with exemplars when marking the essay but also allowed me to provide better advice to students when completing this style of question.

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