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2024 papers are out 2nd April 

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These papers are written in the style of the exams. These will reflect the balance of questions and assessment objectives that you'll find in a real exam and are the perfect preparation and revision for your exams!

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AQA papers


  • Paper 1 is Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 
  • Paper 2 is Organic and Physical Chemistry 


  • Paper 1 is Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 
  • Paper 2 is Organic and Physical Chemistry 
  • Paper 3 is any content 



  • Paper 1 is Breadth in chemistry 
  • Paper 2 is Depth in Chemistry 


  • Paper 1 is Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry
  •  Paper 2 is Synthesis and analytical techniques
  •  Paper 3 is Unified Chemistry



  • Paper 1 is Core Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
  • Paper 2 is Core Organic and Physical Chemistry


  • Paper 1 is Advanced Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
  •  Paper 2 is Advanced Organic and Physical Chemistry
  •  Paper 3 is General and Practical Principles Chemistry

    Also included for free with the papers is the Paper Review Impact Matrix (PRIM) - an analysis tool to help target your revision.

    These papers have not been seen or endorsed by anyone at any exam board, they are practice and predicted papers written based on years of teaching experience. Papers are a great way to revise but they shouldn’t be the only method you use.

    While they have been triple-checked some errors may have slipped in please let me know ASAP so I can get these corrected!

    These are digital downloads, you will not receive a physical copy.

    You will have automatically received two e-mails, the second one from Fetch contains a download link. You can just click on this link and the pdf should start to be downloaded automatically.

    The advantage to downloading it from Fetch, is that you will be automatically updated if I need to make any changes to the document.

    If you can’t find the second e-mail, try checking your spam folder, or searching your inbox. If you think you’ve deleted it by mistake or can’t find the email, please get in contact with me.

    I've tried to read your mind and think of any problems you might have, I've tried to answer them all here

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    A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers
    1255 1395

    Customer Reviews

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    Daniells (Southampton, GB)

    A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers

    Mabel J. (Cambridge, GB)

    Very good

    Nicola W. (Newham, GB)

    A-Level Chemistry Predicted Papers

    Heike v.M. (Woking, GB)
    Very Helpful

    Love that the questions are quite difficult to test your knowledge and application. Very beneficial that it tests every bit of your knowledge. Although would prefer if there were more practical questions as paper 3 does usually focus on practical application questions. Nonetheless very beneficial to help with your revision and see what bits you are still stuck on.

    Nandini-Sia H. (Watford, GB)
    So beneficial

    Only done organic paper so far, but it was really helpful to keep my revision solid, as it was way harder than I thought it would be. So it was really good to ensure I am revising everything I possibly can for the real exams.

    Thank you for your positive feedback! We are glad to hear that our predicted papers have been beneficial for your revision. We strive to provide challenging but helpful materials to ensure that students are fully prepared for their exams. Keep up the good work and best of luck on your upcoming exams!

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