The Disappearing Spoon… And other true tales from the Periodic Table.

We always take for granted most of the scientific discoveries that are already made. They are already there, so we just don’t overthink about it. But the truth is, the history behind a lot of scientific breakthroughs and discoveries is just as exciting as the discovery itself.

Just like it happens with the periodic table. You would be surprised to know the many amazing stories there are behind one of the most famous scientific discoveries of all times.

The drama, the excitement, the secrets, everything that lies behind the discovery of every element in the periodic table. It is so amazing how something we have been studying since middle school has so many interesting stories behind it.

The disappearing spoon and other true tales from the periodic table is just that, a book full of interesting facts and tales related to the discovery of many of the elements that are part of the periodic table we all love and know.

Author Sam Kean manages to deliver fun, incredible stories that happened in an exciting, catchy way. You’ll be able to find out about things you didn’t even know happened, and how they relate to the periodic table.

And we are talking about great stories like why did Gandhi hate iodine, or how is tellurium related to the biggest gold rush known in history? You will get to know all of these incredible stories all in one book!

But the book isn’t all just about great stories; it also takes a look at how the elements in the periodic table influenced human history, the world of finance, mythology and even the arts. Because yes, these elements were THAT important.

Although the book isn’t really about the science part of the periodic table, more about the fun stories behind it, it is still incredibly enjoyable to read, especially if you want to get to know a bit more of what goes behind the mystical world of science.

You can also get an insight at some of the fights between scientist that happened due to the discovery of these elements, and how these situations were handled if you want to read something lighter and bit funnier than this book is definitely for you.

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