Introducing Graphic Guide Box Set – The Origins of Life.

Putting together all of the significant scientific discoveries that have changed our world can take quite some time. It would take many many books to even gather a part of the vital information we should know about.

However, someone has made an effort to gather all possible information about three major scientific theories and discoveries into a series of books for everyone to understand. And that someone is author Jonathan Miller (alongside Dylan Evans, Steve Jones, Borin Van Loon and others).

If you have ever wanted to read about Darwin’s theory of natural selection, understand the way people think before Darwin even existed, and how his theories helped shaped the world. If you have ever been intrigued by how genetics work, then this is the book, or should we said, guide, that you need to read right now.

You see, learning about these specific topics can be quite tricky, and there’s no shame in saying that out loud. Darwin created one of the most famous theories of all times, and it wasn’t necessarily made to be easy to understand, it was made to explain how society and human life has become what it is today.

But these fantastic authors and illustrators have found a way to make the general public. Anyone with a little interest in science understands the way Darwin used to think, and the incredible thoughts put behind his theories by creating graphic novels that explained these topics.

Imagine learning about natural selection, what the DNA is, and how genetic works by looking at exciting, eye-catching graphic content? You will inevitably learn everything way faster! And that’s the whole point of these series.

There are three books in total made with the full intention of explaining to the world various theories created by Darwin while also describing how the world began to change the way they used to think about evolution and biology.

You could say these books are pretty much a comic about Darwin and his most interesting theories, and you would be entirely right because it is precisely just that. A way to present challenging, complex topics by making them fun for everyone.

These books are meant for absolutely everyone; whether you have some knowledge in the theme or you are just curious to learn a bit more, you can read and enjoy everything these series have to offer you!

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