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I know what you're thinking, all we do is math’s all day long, right? Adding things up? Wrong! See my account what a 'typical day' is about. This is merely one snippet, 1 day in my life as an accounting student.

8 am – The start to my day typically involves an inner fight with myself to get out of bed (I’m not much of a morning person) Along with that fight is a ton of alarms and 15 minutes of getting ready, and I’m on my way.

8:30 am - I've time to essentially wake myself up with a short walk into the campus.

8:45 am – First things first, a cup of tea to start the day before heading to class. Tea-I know you probably thinking tea, yes – we've got a Starbucks on campus!

9 am – Then straight on to an Audit seminar, these are nice and interactive especially in the morning to wake us up. Seminars frequently have less students typically between 10 - 15 students and are far more relaxed than simply hearing the teacher in a lecture. Audit will involve very little mathematics/numbers it's more centered on the idea and delves into scams, you 'must' have an extremely sceptical head for an Audit class.

10 am - Directly into a Financial Reporting Lecture, now this is focused on the quantities, BUT it isn't as frightening as it appears, the lecturer undergoes theory then examples as a class until you are able to do the work by yourself. BUT it can be a lot of information to take in, so my best advice is to read, read, read before class, so you have an idea.

11 am – We then have a financial reporting seminar, again a LOT fewer people so you can practice the work from the lecture and ask for tons of help. It really helps to go through it straight after a lecture while it’s fresh to understand the work in your own terms.


Time for some brain food...

12 pm - Lunch break! Time for a meet up with friends and a bite to consume. Sometimes I'll decide on a jacket potato from the student union, sometimes a good toasty from the management stop.

2 pm - A financial management lecture, this does indeed involve quantities but not nearly as expensive financial reporting. From the good mixture of theory plus some equations

3 pm - Home time! Yes, that early on, some days it really is sooner! BUT it doesn't suggest it's over for your day.

5 pm - I visit a class at the gym (don't assume every day!) I like to complete my day with a good work out also to take a rest from work before doing any at home.

6 pm - I take a period of time until 6 pm after visiting the gym. Then I can do my reading, printing, practice questions ready for the very next day. Staying together with things is really the key!

My day usually surface finishes once I've done all my printing, completed a section and done a few practice questions.

I believe learning is all about believing in yourself.