Revision from January to June mapped out for you, to make your life a bit easier!

Works with the A-Level Maths and Chemistry Plans, so not all subjects have rest days or papers on the same day.

 Notes on how to use this; 

  • Self-assessment should be carried out using the knowledge checklist (in my free revision guide) and the whole topic videos, there is no point doing them if you’re going to rush it! Do it properly! 
  • I’ve scheduled rest days for you, but change these if you need to, to ensure you have a rest the day before an exam. 
  • I’ve picked out a few topics for you to focus on, these don’t cover everything and there are other bits you need to add into your revision to match up to your exam board. 
  • At the end of each day, use the faces to rate your day and keep note of which topic you need to go over again later 
  • This plan is just advice, if a study day falls on a religious holiday or an important family day swap things around! If you know you can never do Wednesdays, or Sundays, move the study suggestion to another rest day or catch up day. 

Topic Focus Days; 

  • Watch the teaching video and try the examples 
  • Try the section on the course 

Catch Up Days; 

  • Cover any topic that you feel you need extra work on 
  • Any topic that you’ve done a Topic Focus Day on but weren’t happy with 
  • These are not bonus rest days, there is always something to do! 

Exam papers 

  • My exam papers are available for immediate download and are mapped to each exam boards requirements 
  • Even if you’re doing the full A-level, AS-level papers can still be great revision, doing them early in the year is a great way to practice papers without 
  • The more papers the better 
  • The current year predictions will be released at the start of April 
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A-Level Biology revision plan

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Melissa D. (Bolton, GB)
Awesome Content

I cannot thank you enough this site is heaven sent to a struggling parent trying to navigate revision with a teenage boy!

Podbery C. (Eynsham, GB)
GCSE Maths Revision PLan

Absolutely brilliant. Love the realistic breakdown of topics and time framing.

kk (Bolton, GB)
Really helpful

Flash cards take time to create so when I found these I was really happy they are very easy to use i would recommend them :)

PRAKASH S. (Harrow, GB)
Fantastic resources.

The children love the resources. They are simple to understand and cover important points.

Johnson (Leyton, GB)

A-Level maths revision plan

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