Now sure how to start? 6 best ways to revise!

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HOW TO REVISE GCSEs and A-Levels are the banes of countless students across the country. Springtime is not the harbinger of hope and new life for them; it is the bringer of mountains of revision and terrifying and seemingly endless exam papers to conquer. No matter what anyone says, there is no single one-size-fits-all approach to exam revision, which is why students, parents, and teachers should be aware of as many options as possible.  6 best ways to revise remove add Below, we have prepared information on six revision methods, which can help you revise more efficiently and effectively. Students are encouraged to try out as many of these methods as possible and as early as possible to see which ones they find engaging and valuable.Read more... Flashcards for revision remove add There are some tried and tested study methods that have never lost favour with students around the world. One example of such a method is the trusty flashcard. Read more... GCSE multiple choice questions remove add Multiple-choice questions. We have all seen them, answered them, scored them on quizzes. What GCSE students may not know is that there are many good reasons to use multiple-choice questions as part of your revision. Read more... How to find the motivation to revise  remove add When you are facing a mountain of subjects, coursework, exam papers and more during your GCSEs and A-Levels, the last thing you want to think about is the enormous task of revising all that information you have spent the last two years studying. Read more... Knowledge organisers remove add Your school placement is more than just a practical work period. It’s a time to lay foundations, build connections, work on skills and gain invaluable insight and experience into multiple aspect of school life. Read more... Retrieval practice for revision remove add When it comes to revising for your GCSE or A-Level exams, the amount of information you have to take in seemsoverwhelming.Read more... Using past papers for revision remove add While the exact content of the exam papers changes each year, GCSE and A-Level students can still find much value in using papers from the past as part of their revision. ‘What is the point?’ we hear you ask. Read more... Share Tweet Pin Share Email

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