Preparing for results day

On A-level results day, you're going to need to have two plans in place, one where things don't go as expected and you need to apply through clearing, the second plan is for when things go better than you're expecting, and you need to apply for an adjustment place.

Spend time on the UCAS clearing website and find places that will be available to you if you don’t get the grades and want to apply through clearing or get better than expected grades and want to apply through adjustment.

You’re eligible for clearing if you didn’t get any offers or your university places isn’t confirmed. The most likely reason your place won’t be confirmed is if you didn’t get the grades you needed. You have to have a plan in place for this beforehand, because things are going to happen quickly on results day, places are going to be given away really quickly and you do not have time to do the planning on results day, you have to do it now.

You've got to be realistic. You're not going to be able to get a medicine place through clearing because the grades are very high, so if you're not getting your grades for your firm choice, then it's unlikely you're going to be able to apply for medicine somewhere else, but have a look through and see if there's anything that catches your fancy because, things are going to move really quickly on results day.

You need to get started as soon as you can. 

What happens on results day?

One results day its likely you’ll be tired from a sleepless night and things are going to happen very quickly.

In an ideal situation, you’ll get exactly the grade you need to get into your first choice and you can go and celebrate with your friends.

The UCAS website will update at 8am, and any conditional offers you hold will change to ‘firm’ or you’ll see that you have been rejected.

The UCAS website will tell you whether you've got into university or not and your A-level results will show you your A-level results. There is the chance that if you don't exactly get your A-level results, you might still get into university.

However, if you check the UCAS website before you go to school, you can see whether you've got into university or not irrespective of what your A-level results are.

Schools will generally open early to give you your results, they know UCAS track updates at 8am and they want to give you as much time as possible to apply via clearing if needed.

You’ll need to start acting immediately if you want to apply for an adjustment place or need to apply via clearing. 

An adjustment place is a place that you apply for when you get better than expected A-level results.

To qualify to use an adjustment place, you need to have met and exceeded your results. 

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As soon as you find out that you haven't got a place at university, you need to start the clearing process immediately. Universities do not want empty places; they do not wish to have empty seats in lecture theatres, they do not wish to have empty spaces on courses. Click here to read more and see Helena's story...

If you don't get any offers for a place at university or, if on results day, you didn't get the grades that you need to take up your place at university, then you have lots and lots of options. Do not despair, it is not the end. Click here to read more...