There is a BIG jump between GCSE and A-Level.

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Lots of students find this a massive shock and sometimes find themselves sitting in class lost, not following what the teacher is saying or wishing they had chosen a different subject.


This book is designed to help you get started on some of the new content and take your GCSE knowledge to a higher level. Because if you managed to get through GCSE not understanding a topic or skipping over some bits you may find you need the extra help.


I’m constantly telling you the best way to learn is by practicing questions, so I’ve made you a book full of practice questions.

135 multiple choice questions to reflect the style of exam questions, 60 equations for you to balance (in 3 different formats), 65 compounds for you to work out the formula for and a lots of things that you need to recall for A-Level.


This book is not designed as a text book or revision guide, but as a workbook. There are lots of good (and bad) expensive and free revision guides out there, on my YouTube channel and other great websites. So there is no point in me adding to the masses.

Taking some GCSE topics, a bit further and introducing some new topics for A-Level. This is not a complete list of all the GCSE topics that also come up at A-Level; just enough to keep you (Very) busy over the summer and give you an advantage when you start year 12.

All the teaching, all the new content, is available for free on my YouTube channel, this book is for you to practice and learn. The best way to approach this is to watch the teaching video, or after class try a section and check the answers.


Topics covered are...                              

(you may feel confident in some of these topics, but are you A-Level confident?!?!)

  • Atomic Structure             
  • Properties of ionic compounds
  • Covalent bonding            
  • Reference table of common ions formulae          
  • Formula of Ionic Compounds     
  • Oxidation Numbers        
  • Balancing Equations 1    
  • Balancing Equations 2    
  • Turning experiments in to balanced symbol equations    
  • Organic Chemistry Keywords     
  • Naming alkanes
  • Naming Alkenes              
  • Skeletal formula              
  • Answers  

*These downloads are intended for individual use only. If you are a teacher, school or tutor, please purchase a school licence before you use these with your students.*

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I've tried to read your mind and think of any problems you might have, I've tried to answer them all here https://primrosekitten.org/faqs/

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Summer Start for A-Level Chemistry

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very good for at home

Was a little fuzzy on GCSE chemistry but didn't want to revise it since I hear a lot of the stuff isn't relevant in A level because it's oversimplified so much. Definitely helping a lot to be prepared for A level especially with the 6 months I would've had off because of COVID.

Charlotte W.

I would really recommend this for year 11 students doing chemistry A Level. It goes alongside the videos perfectly and gives you extra practice to make sure you understand and can apply everything confidently. I feel like I've learnt so much with a combination of the two. It's great :)

Mahi P.
Super helpful book

Thank you Primrose Kitten for this book. It is really clear and helped me to understand and practice key skills from GCSE before I do A Level Chemistry. I recommend it as it covers parts of a level as well such as naming hydrocarbons using IUPAC systematic nomenclature.


If you want to do A level chemistry i realling recommend this as it sets your mind for starting the A level which is very tough and from gcse to A level is a massive jump and you dont want to experience that jump as you want to be prepared and ahead of the class.So i really recommend this as it has really helped me and has prepared me very well and has made my first few weeks of starting schemistry A level a lot easier!!!!!!!!

Lakshmi N.
it is comprehensible

it is comprehensible

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