If you don't end up with any offers from universities, then you do get another chance. You can put an extra choice on. If you've been rejected from all of your five choices, or if you only applied to one and you got rejected from that then you can have another go. But the process is slightly different as this happens after the UCAS deadline has passed, so you have from mid-February until mid-July to get this sorted out. You need to look through the UCAS website and find courses that have spaces available.

Once you have a course with spaces available then you need to contact the university directly, and see if they'll consider you for a place. You can then go and add your next one choice onto your UCAS track and then you just need to wait for the university's decision. Now the university may reject you, it may ignore you, and if after three weeks you have had no correspondence from them, you will have to go through the process again and pick another course. 

They may offer you a place and you accept it, in which case, brilliant. Or they might offer you a place, and you might have changed your mind, and you might reject it, in which case you can go and pick another course and we can keep picking courses until you find one that suits you. If you are in this position, and there aren't courses coming up that you think are going to be a good fit for you, then you can consider taking a gap year, waiting a bit, getting some more experience, go and do some fantastic traveling, and then applying straight away in September with your A level grades already in hand. This can reduce your stress levels, because everything is dependant on what happens on results day in August. If you apply next year, with your results already sorted, then you might get an unconditional offer. 

You can also tailor which university's your priority, based on your grades.

Suzanne’s Story – What is it really like at uni?

A day in my life as a university student is comparatively different to my days spent as a college student. I was never one for an early morning start.

Now I live by the saying “the early bird catches the worm”. Since joining the local gym near my university I wake up at 6.30am and head out for a one-hour gym session. With all the endorphins produced whilst working out I feel I’m ready to conquer the day ahead. I head straight back to the house to have a shower. I usually then arrive at the university cafe by 8am, the food selection for breakfast never fails to disappoint.

I have a two-hour lecture today which begins at 9am. Today’s lecture is all about Pharmacology, which is one of my favourite modules this year so I’m definitely looking forward to this lecture. The next two hours are spent studying and discussing a variety of medicines, and their side effects on the human body. Once the lecture is over me and my friends decide to take a trip to the university shop to pick up some snacks.

It’s now approaching midday and next on the agenda is the university library. This building has become a second home to me! I have a meeting with my classmates to complete some group work for another module, we spend at least an hour comparing and completing our assignments, we’re all done by 1pm and we grab some well-deserved lunch.

I work part-time at a nearby clothing shop 3 days a week, between 2pm and 5pm. This job allows me to have an extra bit of cash towards the weekends. Once my shift is complete it takes me 20 minutes to walk back home, I’m a big lover of music so I pop on my headphones and off I head.

I’m back at home for 5.20pm. My housemates and I have set a rota with everyone alternating between cooking and cleaning daily, we also do a big clean together on Saturday mornings, leaving the rest of the weekend for our enjoyment. This system really works, I arrive home to the smell of a freshly made meal as it’s my housemates turn to cook today. We finish our food and I help another housemate to clean up.

It’s now 6.30pm and I chill out with my housemates, catching up on our days activities. At around 7pm I take a cup of tea up with me to my room. I’ll spend a couple of hours going through my lecture notes, writing them all up in a neat manner, I love doing this as it means that I can get a head start on exam revision. The rest of the evening is all mine and I usually watch a movie on Netflix and catch up on social media. The day has been full of hard but rewarding work. Off to bed now so I can do this all again the next morning!