This Man’s Pill: Reflections on the 50th Birthday of the Pill (Popular Science).

There have been many different science/medical creations that have changed and shaped the world from the discovery of anaesthesia, to the development of the DNA, to the X-RAYS. Every single one of them has changed the world forever.

But when we take a look into the modern-day science, there’s one particular creation that changed the world in ways no other one has ever done it, drastically changing women’s life in specific.

Yes, we are talking about the pill. About these famous, little pills that were, for many, many years, women’s favourite contraception system by choice. This little pill gave the women the power to take over their lives in ways they couldn’t have done it before.

In the book, This Man’s Phil: Reflections on the 50th Birthday of the Pill, author Carl Djerassi takes a look into one of the most famous, yet incredible controversial discoveries of all time.

The book itself focuses more on the social and moral impact the creation of this little pill had, instead of on the process of the creation itself. Although, the book does mention what the creation of this breakthrough was like.

It is worth to mention that author Carl Djerassi also happens to be the creator of this worldwide famous pill, which earned him thousands of recognitions on a worldwide scale.

Imagine reading, from the very hands of the one and only creator of the first contraceptive pill that ever existed, what the process was like, and how he has been dealing with the significant changes his creation caused.

The author manages to explain the reader in a serious, yet somehow funny and witty way what it is like to be responsible for such a major medical discovery. How he is entirely aware of the social changes, his discovery brought into the world.

The book itself isn’t aimed at the pill itself but instead aimed at shining a light on the social problem that lies behind women’s reproductive rights, and how people were affected by such a tiny medication.

The author and creator of the pill, Carl Djerassi tries to approach the subject by talking about it from a very professional yet personal point of view, always focusing on a more social scale.

However, the author also manages to talk about exciting topics regarding the pill. He talks about all the stigma that once surrounded it, the reason why there’s no pill for men, and why he won’t even bother to create one. It’s a somewhat fun, yet incredibly exciting book to read.

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