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This workbook covers the information and skills needed for GCSE Citizenship: 
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The Whole of Edexcel GCSE Citizenship Paper 1 - Revision for GCSE:

The exams...

Paper 1:

Themes A, B and C

80 marks

Its 1 hour and 45 minutes and is 50% of the GCSE

Paper 2:

Themes D and E, with one question from themes A-C

80 marks

Its 1 hour and 45 minutes and is 50% of the GCSE

Predicted exam papers

Written in the style of the exam to get you prepared

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The changing UK population:

· Citizens in society | Video |

· The composition and geography of the UK | Quiz |

· Emigration and immigration | Quiz |

· Diversity in the UK population | Quiz |

Migration and its impact

Respect and understanding


· The composition and values of the UK | Video |

· Demographics, identity and migration | Video |

· Key principles and values in UK society | Quiz |

· What makes an identity? | Quiz |

· Universal Human Rights | Quiz |

Rights, duties and values that underpin democracy

Development of human rights 

Citizens and local government

Paying for local services

Parties and candidates:

· The role of MPs and parliament | Quiz |

Elections and voting systems:

· How elections work and types of democracy | Quiz |

· Elections in the UK | Video |

· General election case studies | Video |

Forming and organising the work of government:

· Political ideology | Video |

· Ideologies and parties | Quiz |

· The organisation of Government and the Civil Service | Quiz |

The Westminster Parliament

Making and shaping law:

· Universal human rights and the formation of law | Quiz |

The Constitution:

·The role of the prime minister, cabinet and monarch | Quiz |

Government in constituent parts of the UK:

· The UK Government | Quiz |

· Bias | Quiz |

· Recent Prime Ministers | Video |

Taxation and government spending:

· Taxation and spending | Quiz |

The role of law in everyday life in dealing with complex problems

Principles and sources of law:

· The legal system | Video |

· Principles of the law | Quiz |

· Rights and responsibilities in local and global situations | Quiz |

Civil and criminal law

The justice system in England and Wales:

· The roles and power of the police and and judiciary | Quiz |

· Courts and legal representatives | Quiz |

Courts and tribunals

Youth justice

Crime and society:

· Crime rates and preventing crime | Video |

· The causes and consequences of crime | Quiz |

Sentences and punishment

Citizen participation in politics and society

· Citizens in democracy | Quiz |

· Public service, volunteering and charities in the UK | Quiz |
· Pressure groups and trade unions in the UK | Quiz |

The role of groups and organisations in democratic society

The role of the media and a free press

· The UK media | Video

· Types of media in the UK | Quiz |

Rights and responsibilities of the media

· The rights and responsibilities of a free press | Quiz |

The use of the media for influence

The UK’s role and relations with Europe 

The UK’s role in the rest of the world

· International organisations | Video | Quiz |

· The role of UK and NGOs in the wider world | Quiz |

Rights and responsibilities in challenging global situations

Identify an issue, form a team and carry out initial research:

· Research methods, sources and reliability | Quiz |

Undertake primary research

Represent their own and different points of view

Plan the action:

· Planning practical citizenship action | Quiz |

Apply skills of collaboration, negotiation and influence as they deliver the activity

Critically evaluate their learning and the impact of the action:

· Evaluating a research project | Quiz |

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Such amazing value for a grade changing product

6 markers are the hardest to master but with practice they get easier. If you manage to do the majority of these 6 markers you will have covered all bases get and get those high grades

Sara D. (Luton, GB)
75 Long answer questions

This resource is fantastic
Students really grasped the steps needed to answer a 6 marker and a framework to follow
Highly recommend

Dionne B. (London, GB)

75 Long Answer Questions in GCSE Science

petya t. (Bristol, GB)

75 Long Answer Questions in GCSE Science

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75 Long Answer Questions in GCSE Science