Accelerated Degrees

For a traditional degree teaching terms at university are close to ten weeks in time, when you take into account exam weeks, reading weeks, freshers weeks and short holidays, you’ll be spending between 30 and 40 weeks a year at university. This leaves a lot of time on holiday and relaxing.

Accelerated degrees, skip out the long holidays and teach three years’ worth of content in two years. Exactly the same content, just taught over 2 years instead of 3. With teaching extending into the summer holidays.

The advantage of accelerated degrees is the timespan. You can spend less time studying and get on with your career sooner, and instead of paying for three years of tuition fees you only pay two years of tuition fees. Longer degrees, for example Law, can be completed in much fewer years.

The disadvantage of accelerated degrees is their newness. The government announced them in December 2017 and the first students will start in September 2018. This means that only a few universities will be offering courses in a limited number of subjects. It is also unknow how employers will react to these and how long they will be around for. 

Current courses & providers

University of Aberdeen; Law.

Anglia Ruskin University; International Business Management.

Coventry University; Digital Design Consultancy; Global Business Management; International Finance and Accounting.

University of Dundee; Law

Edinburgh Napier University; Law

University of Greenwich; Primary Education

University of Hertfordshire; Law

Leeds Beckett University; Primary Education

Leeds Trinity University; Secondary Education, Physical Education and Sport

London Metropolitan University; Early Years Education; Medical Sciences; Primary Education

Newcastle University; Medicine

University of Northampton; Management

Royal Veterinary College, University of London; Accelerated Veterinary Medicine

University of Salford; Building Surveying

University of South Wales; Law

University of Southampton; Law

Staffordshire University; English; Law; Accounting and Finance

University of Wales Trinity Saint David; Digital Marketing

University of York; Law