I’m constantly telling you the best way to learn is by practicing questions, so I’ve made you a book full of practice questions. These books have the questions and the answers and links to videos that carefully walk you through how to get the answers.

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Book 1-Your GCSE maths is divided into five different topics, there will be a different number of questions (or parts of questions) depending on the topic. The different number of questions in each section in this book reflects the exam.


15% Number                                                               8 questions

20% Ratio, Proportion and Rate of Change                       10 questions

30% Algebra                                                               15 questions

15% Statistics and Probability                                       7 questions

20% Geometry and Measure                                         10 questions


Book 2- All Algebra! 


This book is not designed as a textbook or revision guide but as a workbook. There are lots of good (and bad) expensive and free revision guides out there, on my YouTube channel and other great websites. So, there is no point in me adding to the masses.


All the teaching, all the new content, is available for free on my YouTube channel, this book is for you to practice and learn. The best way to approach this is to watch the teaching video and make notes, or after class try a section and check the answers.


Any corrections that are needed after the book is published will be listed on my website, www.primrosekitten.com these will be corrected in the next version of the book


These are digital products, you will  receive a download link and not a hardcopy

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Maths GCSE Grade 7, 8 and 9 Booster Revision Questions

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Emily M.
So helpful

These are so so so helpful and if you don’t understand there are videos to explain the topic to you!

Zoe B.
Awesome problem solving questions

Awesome problem solving questions

Best bundle!

Such a fab bundle!! thank u so much


This bundle is amazing never would of passed or understood maths without it!!


This bundle changed my life!! u have to get it!!

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