The science of everyday life: Why teapots dribble, toast burns and light bulbs shine.

Life itself is full of mysteries and wonders science is trying to uncover and understand. Sure, there are many things we already know, but some that science is working hard to discover as well.

However, not everything science does or explores to be incredibly challenging to understand! We live surrounded by science, day after day, we don’t realize it.

There’s science behind every little thing we do. Everything. And I don’t mean just watching TV or being in the computer (both which involve two of the most significant creations of the modern world), but I’m talking about much simpler mundane things.

In The Science of Everyday Life: Why Teapots Dribble, Toast Burns and Light Bulbs Shine, author Marty Jopson takes us through the amazing, yet so simple, science that surrounds us every day of our lives.

Not only does Marty take the time to explain why teapots dribble or light bulbs shine. Still, he also explains the science behind many other regular objects we use in our everyday lives but don’t usually pay too much attention too.

Once you start reading this fantastic piece of literature, you will be amazed by everything you do, because you’ll begin to understand how science affects everything you do, and how it made almost everything in your life possible.

The book itself is incredibly entertaining, being a fun book to read. Yes, it is a science book, but it is written in such fun. Lighthearted way, it doesn’t feel too much like it, but more like a tale about how things work and why.

As you keep on reading, you’ll start to realize the science behind the most simple things in life. It is truly a fun thing to do, mainly because we tend to use things and not overthink about it later on, so it’s always refreshing to open up our eyes to how the world works.

If you are looking for an easy to ready science book that doesn’t require anyone to have any previous knowledge or experience on the field, then this one is the right one for you! 

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