Chaos: Making a New Science.

Have you ever thought about the science behind the chaos? You know all those disastrous things that happen all over the world that happen to us, but seem to have no logical explanation? Well, they might have one.

You see, even the most unexplainable things like chaos have a science behind it, reasoning that tries to explain why these things happen, and most importantly, how. But of course, studying chaos can be quite… Problematic.

In the book Chaos: Making a New Science, author James Gleick manages to write about one of the most problematic and chaotic (ha!) topics in the world, and it does so in a relatively easy way to read.

You would think nobody would want to study the reasoning behind all the bad things in life, but you were wrong. Author James Gleick was brave enough to take this job upon his shoulders and delivered a beautiful yet more intriguing answer in the form of a book.

Chaos: Making a New Science focuses in two main things: The theory of chaos, the science behind it and the many types of research and studies that have been done through the years on the matter, and in the scientist that have devoted their lives to studying this type of science.

The book is fantastic because it doesn’t feel like a heavy science book, but rather about a non-fiction one that tells multiple exciting stories about very peculiar people, while also explaining a few things about chaos.

The author takes us through the lives of several different scientists and allow us to get to know them, what they have to say, and take a quick look into their lives and how chaos has affected them.

It is a fascinating book with a unique premise. If you enjoy well put together science books that also tell a story, then this one is the one for you.

James writes about chaos almost in a poetic way, showing you how chaos is everywhere we go, impacting many parts of our lives, we tend to ignore it because we don’t know it is there.

Both the view of chaos James has, and the way he writes about the different scientist that have dedicated their lives to this cause is fantastic, and it will catch you from page one.

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