Caesar’s Last Breath: The Epic Story of The Air Around Us.

Tracing down the history of the world to understand how we became to be what we are right now; it isn’t an easy task. There are way too many elements, too many factors to keep in mind that make everything harder than it should be.

However, there’s one key element that connects everything and everyone, and it is ever-present in our lives, we fail to see it (literally) and to give it the appreciation we should always be giving it: The air.

Yes, that’s right. You know what particular thing we can’t see but know it is there? That thing that is always surrounding us, always with us, and that without we couldn’t merely exist anymore. Air is the answers to everything.

In Caesar’s Last Breath: The Epic Story of The Air Around Us, author Sam Kean makes a bold and surprisingly right statement: Air is the one element that connects us as a human race and makes our existence even remotely possible. And when you think about it, it’s true.

You see, every time you breathe, every time you inhale, you are taking a part of the world’s history with you. Who knows, maybe you are catching a glimpse of Caesar’s last breath as you are inhaling right now, or maybe there’s a bit of the air your favourite singer just breathed… The point is, the air is connecting us all every time, every day, and it is way more important than you might realize.

When you think about the gases as elements, you don’t think about it as an exciting topic, do you? No. However, Sam Kean managed to take such a blatant subject and turned it into an incredible, fun book to read that surprises millions of readers.

As Sam takes us through the mysteries that surround the air we breathe, we also begin to take a trip down memory lane and discover other parts of history that we might have excluded from any other book. It is a wild ride that combines the science behind several gases in the periodic table, and the history of the world.

Without a doubt, the premise of this book is rather odd, and you wouldn’t think to talk about air, and the periodic table and the gases that make up our world would be such an exciting topic to talk, or well, to read about, but it certainly is.

If you are up for a read that is both fun yet super informative, that talks about human and science history in a way you haven’t seen before, and you are willing to learn a bit more about such a simple element as the air is, then you’re in for a ride with this book!

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