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Included in this is...

AQA, Eduqas A/B, Edexcel A/B, OCR A/B:

  • Revision workbook (3.99)
  • Fieldwork guide (£1.99)
  • Case Study booklet (£1.99)
  • Guidance on how to speak like a geographer, how to identify exam command words and how to answer questions.
  • Guidance on revision techniques
  • 2019 Predicted Paper 1 (all exams boards)
  • 2019 Predicted Paper 2 (all exam boards)
  • 2020 Predicted Paper 1 (all exams boards)
  • 2020 Predicted Paper 2 (all exam boards)
  • 2023 Predicted Paper 1 (AQA, Edexcel A and Edexcel B only)
  • 2023 Predicted Paper 2 (AQA, Edexcel A and Edexcel B only)
  • Please note: Edexcel B - 2023 Predictions - Paper 2 is actually a mixture of some paper 2 and 3 taught elements - please note there is NO fieldwork or decision making elements
  • 2023 Predicted Paper 3 Section A (AQA only. Based on 2023 AQA pre release material and includes a knowledge organiser based on this)

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3400 4800

Customer Reviews

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Paul C. (Sheffield, GB)
AQA GCSE Biology

A very well thought out and laid out revision text. It is easy to follow and very, very helpful to this 74-year-old grandfather helping a 16-year-old grandson revise for his exams. Well worth the money spent. Thank you.

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