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Turtles All the Way Down

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John Green has entertained us with his books for years now. We have cried with The Fault in our Stars, we have followed along the adventures of a group of teenager friends in Paper Towns, and we have got out of the maze in Looking For Alaska.

Now, famous worldwide author John Green comes up with his newest book to date, Turtles All the Way Down. And like all of his other books, this one is unique, full of great characters and a fantastic story to tell.

But perhaps, what makes the price with this book is the one element the whole book is based on Anxiety. Forget about the little mystery surrounding the story (you know, there’s always a mystery to unfold in John’s stories) and let’s focus on the real protagonist for a second.

The book feels so real, so amazing because we encounter… No, we are thrown to the mind of a teenage girl with anxiety, who is desperately trying to calm down her thoughts that only seem to be spiralling down and down until there is no real way out.

I’ve never seen an author write about anxiety and what it is like to be trapped in your own mind quite like John Green. If there was a price for writing an accurate representation of what it is like to have your thoughts continually spiralling out of control and feeling like it won’t ever stop, then they should just give it to John Green already.

The book gets chaotic at times because we are seeing things straight from the protagonist's point of view. When her thoughts start to get out of control, we are there, reading it, almost experience it with her.

There’s no doubt that is one of the most compelling elements of the book. However, it doesn’t stop there. John also manages, once more, to create unusual, real, deep and complex characters people can relate to.

You have Aza, the main protagonist who will make you fall in love with her almost instantly. You get to see everything from her point of view, and how her anxiety and mental health issues get in the way of her everyday life. Then you’ve got her best friend Daisy, who is of course, extremely likely to say the least, and the surprise element, Davis. All of them are relatable in their own way, and you won’t be able not to like them.

John Green wrote a beautiful book that touches on a tough topic like anxiety without romanticising it in any point (which is extremely important, I must say!) If you’re into YA novels with great stories, plot twists and unusual characters, this is the book for you.


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