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The Power

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Imagine a society in which women have all the power. Imagine a society in which women are seeing as the dominant sex, a society in which some are treated like Goddess, and some are put in very high, important positions just because they are women… But now imagine all of this happening because women are incredibly powerful, just not in the way you quite imagine.

In The Power, author Naomi Alderman presents us to a society that has been drastically turned upside down since women suddenly have this new power inside them that makes them able to hurt and even kill anyone with just a touch.

All over the world, teenage girls start to develop this new, strange power and now are able to produce electricity within themselves and use it to hurt, inflict pain or kill someone with just touching them. And so, with women suddenly becoming these incredibly powerful creatures, the whole world starts to change.

Author Naomi Alderman shows us how the world as we know it today suddenly cease to exist, and women who were once oppressed, looked down and even torture, begin to be the ones in power.

Men are no longer in control of most of the governments worldwide, women who were once oppressed by their religion or cultural beliefs are finally free, even god has been changed to look like women. The world is basically reborn.

But Alderman doesn’t focus so much on what happens to society, but what happens to those with the power. The book itself is a staunch critic of the patriarchy and the men-driven world we are currently living in.

With women being the ones in power, and being the ones considered dangerous, Alderman uses this new world she created to portrait how insanely broken our society already is, and how turning the roles around helps shining a light on the problem most men (and sadly, women) still fail to see.

This book isn’t a fun ride or something you would read for light reading. It is harsh, it is explosive, it is meant to make you question absolutely everything about the patriarchy and the way the world currently works.
Ultimately, The Power, by Naomi Alderman explores what power does to people, and how women aren't excluded from being corrupted by it. Most importantly, the book explores the way human relationships work when one of the parts is significantly more powerful than the other.

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