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The Men Who Stare At Goats

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 The U.S military forces are one of the most prominent, most mysterious institutes in the whole world. Yes, they are meant to protect America from the terrorist attacks and enemies effects, and they do, but they also do a lot of things us, the average public, aren’t aware of.
Lucky for everyone, Jon Ronson isn’t part of this ordinary public that has no idea of what is going on inside the U.S military forces headquarters. To the contrary, he is an expert journalist and a documentary filmmaker with a lot of experience on collecting information and then exposing it for the world to see. Which is precisely what he does in this book.
You see, many years ago, specifically in 1979, a secret unit was created within the U.S military force, a group that was composed by no one else than the most significant, most brilliant minds of the military back in the day. They were a force to be reckoned with but, what did they do? Well, they stare at goats.
Yes, it sounds bizarre and out of context, but guess what? It is true, it happened. Back in the day, the U.S military started to engage in various kinds of experiments in the hope to make their military forces better than they already were.
Not only did they had soldiers stare at goats to see if they could kill them by merely looking at them, but they also use Barney the Dinosaur theme song as a torture device and tried to see if they could walk through walls. Again, all in the hope of creating some militaries.
The whole idea might seem ridiculous at first, but it happened, and it is still happening to this day. The thing is, proving this is going on is hard considering how poorly the U.S government and military forces keep these things a secret.
The Men Who Stare at Goats is a book that takes a sombre topic such as U.S secret military experiments and psychological terror tactics, and turns it into something straightforward and entertained to read about.
However, that’s perhaps what makes this book slightly tricky to read, knowing such experiments did happen, and keep on happening nowadays, knowing that physiological tests are being performed in animals and human beings is terrifying, no matter how hard the author tries to make things seem as if they are all fun and games.
Nonetheless, the book is, and it opens up your eyes about the hard truth that lies behind the war, the U.S military and how far people are willing to take science in the name of defending their own country. Indeed a unique book that’s worth the reading.

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