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The Gene: An Intimate History

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Incredibly detailed and remarkably articulate, Mukherjee has written a beautiful book about the history of genetics which can be enjoyed by both experts and people coming in at entry-level on the topic. The use of personal anecdotes by Mukherjee helps to bring the reader into the subject (one particular one which stands out is the story of mental illness in his family, and how these diseases are linked to genetics). Despite how expertly it has been written, some readers may struggle to finish the book as not a lot is said in quite a lot of complicated and obscure vocabulary (which may make it a little more difficult at times for those not so well versed on the topic). Also, while Mukherjee has gone into explicit detail about the history and people that are involved, the feature on the more technical aspect of the topic pales in comparison (but still makes for a tremendously exciting read). The detail does, however, start to pick up as the author reaches the more contemporary and potential history of the topic (for example discussing gene therapy, and the possibility of human genetic modification). That being said, towards the end of the book also becomes less about the actual topic and more about the author's personal opinions and ethics on it. 


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