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The Cows

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Being a woman in this society isn’t easy. We are always dealing with being underappreciated, underpaid, oversexualized, and oh, let’s not forget, we have to deal with society’s constant pressure on us.

Author Dawn O’Porter realised this harsh truth and made a book out of it, a book I loved. The Cows is a contemporary novel that shines a light on a problem half of the population has to experience every day, but nobody wants to talk about it really: Being a woman in today’s world.

The Cows premise is quite impressive, to say the least. It starts off by comparing women to meat, explaining we are both raised to be something specific, and the moment we either make it, or we fail to do what society has told us to (meaning, having a baby) we, as products, instantly become worthless.

It is a hard, strong statement to make, but it’s undoubtedly true, and the way Dawn O’Porter explains it in the book is just fantastic. She manages not only to shine a light on this problem but to raise awareness about it as well.

When you open the book, you encounter the three main protagonists. Three contemporary women who are all living very different lives. One works from home making documentaries for the internet, the other is a blogger and the last works for a photographer.

The thing is, each and every one of these three women is living a life completely different than what society tells women they should live their life. There’s Tara, who’s a single mother, Stella, who’s still dealing with some personal issues, and then there’s Camie, a woman who isn’t afraid to live her best sex life.

The Cows is a big “You can’t control us” to society. Through these three very different women we experience the prejudices that society tends to put on us, and how they are doing their very best to deal with it.

It isn’t necessarily a fun or easy book to read, and it shouldn’t have to be one. The book touches a tough, difficult topic and to really deliver the idea it HAS to be hard, it has to be brutally honest, and of course, it is.

However, don’t get it wrong. The Cows is full of dark humour, inappropriate jokes and fun moments, all of which adds up to the overall feeling of the rebel of the book. If you’re up for a spicy, not so common novel, then you really need to check this one out.

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