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Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life

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Storm in a Teacup is a wonderfully written and incredibly well thought out book on the physics of everyday life and the world around us. Using anecdotes from her own personal and professional life and experiences, Czerski shows the reader that science (physics in particular) isn't a terrifyingly complicated subject meant for particular people, but that it is for everyone- and she does so in the most non-patronising and easy to understand manner.

She covers such a wide range of different topics within the realm of everyday physics; from how magnetism works, to tree growth, to what actually happens when you spill your coffee. Whether you are an expert or completely new to physics, she gives you a fresh and interesting perspective on the mysteries of day to day life in the world around us. Not only that, but she manages to link these seemingly ordinary subjects to much bigger topical issues such as the energy crisis, climate change and medical testing.


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