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Perfect (Flawed 2)

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Imagine living in a society where everyone has to be perfect all of the time. Imagine having to be a certain way, to behave a certain way, to always having to follow the rules no matter what.
And you might be thinking, but why do I have to do this? Why should I act such perfectly every second of every day? Well, because if you don’t, you would be labelled as “flawed”, and guess what? You could go to prison, or even face the death sentence.
In this second part of the Flawed books, Perfect follows up the story right where the first one dropped it. We still have Celestine, and we still have Carrick… But everything is ten times more dangerous now.
The less you know about this book, the better. You see after we find out Celestine is flawed in the very first book, we are left with a big question mark about what will happen to her from now on.
And this second book answers all of our questions, the thing is, the less you know about what happens in this second part, the more shocked you will be as you begin to put the pieces together.
However, what you should know about the book is that Celestine holds a huge secret that could potentially change the world as they already do it, crumbling the whole system into tiny little pieces.
This book has a lot of things that the first one doesn’t. First, it has way more action than the previous one; it will keep you gasping the whole way through with all its action parts.
Then, it has more mystery. Sure, we already know how this society works, what are the rules, how everything works and such, but now we’re onto finding out what is Celestine’s big secret and why is everyone trying so hard to stop her?
This book is fascinating for various reasons, not only makes us wonder about the way we are and how society has shaped us to become this same type f persons, but it also poses a question at what happens when you reveal against the system, against the big bad guys.
Either way, this book is both entertaining and fun to read. If you’re up to learn about great characters and a pretty unique dystopian world, then this one is the right one for you.

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