So often students lose marks due to tiny mistakes, not mistakes in science but tiny mistakes in how you use your calculator.

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This workbook will allow you to practice the most common skills needed in science exams.


-mean averages


-range and interval

-rounding and significant figures

-standard form

-fractions and decimals


Each section has ten questions (and answers)  and an assessment at the end of the book, the best bit is the link to the exclusive (ad-free) videos working you through all of the answers. Because know what the answer is, is nice but it's only useful if you know how to get to the answer.

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Maths and Calculator Skills for Science Students

Customer Reviews

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life saver

This saved me in maths! thank u for all u do!


wow I was failing miserably before i found this! thank u!!!

zainab k.

Honestly an amazing book, Thankyou so much for writing it and for making all the YouTube videos, you really know the spec and this maths book has it all!!! Honestly a life saver, ngl I in my mocks I got all A*'s but a 5 in maths:sob:, after working through this book I've been getting better and better and I'm confident for the maths exam on Thursday, aiming for a level 8. Once again, Thankyou, This book literally saved my maths! AND it was so much cheaper than a tutor!

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