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The Luxury study boxes come in Themes

  • Storms don’t last forever
  • Diversity in STEM 
  • Science is like magic but real
  • Be the person your dog wants you to be
  • Unicorns exist
  • My brain has too many tabs open
  • Doctor loading…

Luxury Boxes contain...

-A5 Note pad theme (£4.99) Theme selection

-Sticky notes (£3.99) Storms don’t last forever (more coming soon!)

-Die-cut sticker (£2.49) Theme selection

-Primrose Kitten Bookmark (£0.99) Exclusive to the box

-Primrose Kitten HB pencil (£0.99) Exclusive to the box

-Freebies :)

Similar to the study boxes but without the study planner!! 




Qty available:85 SKU:AW - Box 100
Luxury Stationery Boxes
1899 2243

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