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In Search Of Schrodinger's Cat

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Talking about Quantum mechanics is never an easy topic since it involves many concepts and vast knowledge about physics and how the world works, however, John Gribbin has found a way of talking or rather writing about it a fun, exciting idea.
In search of Schrodinger's Cat is a book that talks about quantum mechanics in such a unique way, you will feel like you are in the most unique physics class of your whole life. You won’t be able to put it down until you have finished it all.
Author John Gribbin takes on a journey through the whole history of quantum physics. From how it started, the critical moments throughout the years, the great minds behind it, and what is like today.
If you are a scientist or have any knowledge on quantum physics, then you might find this book extremely delightful, it will take you down the path of memory lane as you read some of the most interesting facts about this type of physics.
And, if you happen to be someone who doesn’t know anything about physics, let alone quantum physics, then boy, you are in for a ride. Because John Gribbin managed to write a book that could be appealing to both science nerds and outsiders could love and enjoy.
The book explains all the basic yet mind-blowing things about quantum physics through various examples, facts and a lot of history, but makes it such a light tone it is a delight to read from start to finish.
Things like the possibility of multiple universes and the quantum reality are talked about and explained throughout the book. The same happens with the scientist and great minds that had a lot to do with this kind specific type of physics.
But the book isn’t just about the crazy but fun theories that come with quantum physics, but also about the experiments, the discoverments and how the world would be today if quantum physics didn’t exist at all.
The book might get a bit complicated at times, but it is natural when you consider the topic being discussed. And even then, the author manages to bring things back to a lighter-fun tone to gain back the reader’s attention.
If you are looking for a more in-depth yet entertaining book about quantum physics, then this one might be for you! Even if you don’t know anything about it, you will have a vast knowledge on the subject once you finish reading the whole thing.

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