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iGCSE Science revision cards


Download, print and assemble these revision cards. 

These cards cover a lot more ground than my flashcards, but are great for revision.

They cover:

  • Edexcel Biology - Topic 1 - Organisms and Life Processes
  • Edexcel Biology - Topic 2 - Animal Physiology
  • Edexcel Biology - Topic 3 - Plant Physiology
  • Edexcel Biology - Topic 4 - Ecology and the Environment
  • Edexcel Biology - Topic 5 - Variation and Selection
  • Edexcel Biology - Topic 6 - Microorganisms and genetic modification
  • Edexcel Chemistry - Topic 1 - Principles of Chemistry
  • Edexcel Chemistry - Topic 2 - Inorganic Chemistry
  • Edexcel Chemistry - Topic 3 - Physical Chemistry
  • Edexcel Chemistry - Topic 4 - Organic Chemistry
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 1 - Forces and Motion
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 2 - Electricity
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 3 - Waves
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 4 - Energy Resources and Energy Transfer
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 5 - Solids, liquids and gases
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 6 - Magnetism and electromagnetism
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 7 - Radioactivity and Particles
  • Edexcel Physics - Topic 8 - Astrophysics


It may take a bit of fiddling around to get them correctly back to back, you need to flip on the short edge, or you can go old school and glue them together.


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I've tried to read your mind and think of any problems you might have, I've tried to answer them all here