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How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog

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I know, reading the words “Quantum Physics” might be a bit scary, especially when you don’t know absolutely anything about physics, let alone this particular type of physics.
But the thing is, the less you know about quantum physics, the more you will understand this book because it is meant to be an introduction to physics and all the fantastic things you can learn.
Now, How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog, is a book made for everyone, but especially for those who are interested in quantum physics but don’t know too much about it, or how it works.
Author Chad Orzel has found a way of explaining such a difficult topic to non-scientist in a way that is easy and entertaining to read: By pretending he is teaching physics to his dog, Emily.
Yes, you read that right. Through the book, and right from page one, Chad Orzel starts to explain the complexity of quantum physic to his brilliant and sassy dog, Emily. And while he finds a way to tell all of this to her, you being to understand and catch on little by little.
This book is hugely entertained and perhaps one of the unique physics books out there. It is an introduction to quantum physics, but also touches subjects like the tunnel effect, quantum teleportation and so much more in such a straightforward manner, it is unbelievable.
Orzel does this not only by explaining these concepts to his dog, but also by using the lovely Emily as an example, and it works like magic! Not only Emily is a great protagonist that keeps the reader hooked to the book and caught our attention every time we feel like the information is too much, but it also kind of acts as our guide through the book.
By using various examples and hilarious situations (Like a world full of bunnies made of cheese), Chad catches our attention and makes us understand in an effortless, fun way some of the most complicated concepts of quantum physics.
Now, keep in mind, there will be some terms and concepts you might don’t understand completely (Don’t worry, Emily doesn’t get them that well either), but that’s okay! The idea is to pick your curiosity, so you have the initiative to know more about physics, and quantum physics in specific.
How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog explains quantum mechanics, what it is and how it works in such a fun, light way, it is obvious why everyone loves this book.

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