There is a diverse and dizzying range of courses that you can study at U.K. universities.

I'm going to take you through what they all mean. Before you pick the university to apply for, you’ll need to select the type of course you're going to apply for.


Table of Contents

  • What Types of Courses are Available at U.K. Universities?  
  • Dian’s Story - What made me decide on a course to study at the university           
  • How to Pick a Course 
  • Hamz’s Story - Why Did I Pick the University Course I’m Doing?     
  • Accelerated Degrees   
  • Current courses and providers:           
  • Foundation Years        
  • Lofti’s Story – How I Found the Right Course  
  • Liberal Arts Degrees    
  • Max’s Story - What Made Me Decide on a Course      
  • Natural Sciences          
  • Rachel’s Story - How I Decided Which Course to Do   
  • Vocational Courses      
  • Anna’s Story - How I Decided Which Course I Wanted to Do             
  • Is a Non-Vocational Course a Waste of Money?         
    • Weirdest Degree Courses        
    • Baking Science and Technology Management            
    • Brewing and Distilling  
    • Equestrian Psychology and Sport Science       
    • Horology          
    • Contemporary Circus with Physical Theatre   
    • Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art         
    • Surf Science and Technology   
    • Cruise Management    
    • Ethical Hacking            
    • Viking and Old Norse Studies  
    • Applied Golf Management Studies     
    • Fire Engineering           
  • Sandwich Courses and Work Placements       
  • Spending a Year Abroad          
  • Erasmus           
  • Ellie’s Story - Choosing my Course       
  • Apprenticeships or University  
  • Degree Apprenticeships          
  • Course Summaries      
    • Accounting/Finance     
    • Aerospace Engineering            
    • Agriculture       
    • American Studies         
    • Anatomy/Physiology    
    • Animal Science            
    • Anthropology   
    • Archaeology     
    • Architecture     
    • Art and Design  
    • Art History       
    • Asian Studies (East & South Asian Studies)     
    • Astronomy       
    • Biology  
    • Building and Surveying            
    • Business and Management Studies    
    • Celtic Studies   
    • Chemical Engineering  
    • Chemistry         
    • Civil Engineering          
    • Classics            
    • Communication and Media Studies    
    • Computer Games Design and Programming The        
    • Computer Science       
    • Counselling      
    • Creative Writing          
    • Criminology      
    • Dance   
    • Dentistry          
    • Design  
    • Drama and Theatre Studies     
    • Economics        
    • Electronic and Electrical Engineering  
    • English Language and Literature         
    • Environmental Science            
    • Fashion            
    • Film      
    • Finance            
    • Fine Art            
    • Food and Beverage Studies     
    • Forensic Science          
    • Forestry            
    • General Engineering    
    • Geography       
    • Geology            
    • History  
    • Information Management       
    • Information Systems   
    • Journalism       
    • Land and Property Management        
    • Law      
    • Linguistics        
    • Marine and Ocean Sciences    
    • Marketing        
    • Materials Science        
    • Mathematics   
    • Mechanical Engineering          
    • Media Studies  
    • Medicine          
    • Microbiology    
    • Midwifery        
    • Music   
    • Nursing            
    • Nutrition          
    • Optometry       
    • Pharmacy         
    • Philosophy        
    • Physics  
    • Physiology        
    • Physiotherapy  
    • Plant Science   
    • Politics  
    • Psychology       
    • Public Relations           
    • Radiography and Medical Technology            
    • Social Policy     
    • Social Work      
    • Sociology          
    • Software Engineering  
    • Speech Therapy and Audiology           
    • Sports Science
    • Statistics        
    • Teacher Training        
    • Theology and Religious Studies         
    • Tourism and Travel    
    • Veterinary Medicine  
    • Zoology          
  • Aine’s Story - A Day in the Life of an Accounting Student    



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How to pick a course

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