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Finding Audrey

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There are very few young adult books that manage to deal with a complicated topic, while also being able to establish a good love story in between, without mixing the two things together, and Finding Audrey is one of those books.

Defining what this book is all about can be quite tricky. At first look, this book is about Audrey, a peculiar girl who suffers from a very severe social anxiety problem. It is so bad, she can’t even leave her house without being extremely anxious.

But it isn’t only about that, it is also about family. About how Audrey finds comfort in her crazy, yet extremely close family. Sure, her mom might be loud and don’t know about personal space, and her dad might be a bit stressing at times, and oh, don’t get her started on her brother… But they are family, and she finds support in them.

The book explores how a girl (Audrey) with a severe mental illness lives and moves through life. It touches on such a deep subject like this one, and it does it in a beautiful, accurate way that actually represents how social anxiety feels.

And of course, there’s the love story, because there is always one. However, in Finding Audrey, the loves story between Audrey and her brother’s friend is so unique, so sweet, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Author Sophie Kinsella found a way to create the love story between the two by showing the innocent side of it, by giving us an insight of what young love, that very fresh, innocent first love we all have, feels like. And she delivers outstanding work, I must say.

Perhaps the very best thing about this book is that shows how people with a mental illness like Audrey’s deals with something so big like a first love. It is about Audrey discovering and falling slowly in love with her brother’s friend, yes, but it is NOT about how love can cure mental illness.

And I think that’s what is best about the book. A lot of novels and movies keep showing us how love is the answer to absolutely everything, and how it can magically cure mental illness in a matter of days… And that’s not true.

In Finding Audrey, author Sophie Kinsella does a beautiful job of portraying a good support system (Like Audrey’s family and her love interest) can actually help somebody deal with their mental illness, but how even that ain't enough most of the time, and how Audrey has to learn to overcome her illness by herself. It is definitely a touching, moving book that everyone will enjoy.


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