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There’s a reason why this book is considered one of the best young adult novels of the recent years: Because it is beautifully written, with fantastic characters and connects directly to the reader.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is what I would like to call a unique book. Yes, it’s a YA book about a girl who is slowly but indeed expanding her world and trying to figure out who she is, but it is done in such a unique way, it’s nothing like you have ever read before.

Through the book, we meet Cath. She’s introvert, very shy for the most part, and was used to live always right next to her twin sister. But it is when her sister wants to move out and no longer be her roommate, that things get complicated.

Just picture this out: You are this very introvert girl who is used to always being around her twin sister, and suddenly you’re left alone, away from the only person that you trust, in a college campus that terrifies you, trying to figure out what’s your next step in life… Yeah, that’s what Cath is going through.

However, don’t get it wrong. The book isn’t about unnecessary drama, or feeling sad, it’s about slowly understanding Cath’s world and what she is going through. As you read, you were to see a whole new, and much exciting part of Cath’s life: The fact she’s a fangirl.

Yeap, her escape from the uncontrolled reality outside is being a fangirl. She’s totally and madly in love with Simon Snow, her favourite character from her favourite books, and she dedicates a good portion of her life to being a fangirl: Reading about him, writing fanfiction, talking with other fans…

The author makes a beautiful job of showing us these two sides of the story. One, the struggling, introvert Cath who is trying her best to get by in life and survive college although she is baffled and stressed about human interaction; and the side of her that is happy writing fanfiction and being in her comfort zone.

Fangirl isn’t a book about excessive drama and heartbreak and ridiculous situations that nobody but fictional characters really go through. It’s about the real, heartbreaking part of moving from your comfort zone into the present, and slowly becoming who you really are.

Rainbow Rowell managed to write one of the most beautiful, compelling and unique YA novels so far, that explores what it’s like to adapt to a new world, and everything you can achieve in life if you just step out of your comfort zone for a little bit.

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