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Eleanor & Park

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Author Rainbow Rowell is well known for making real, deep characters that will still your heart from page one, and that’s precisely the case with this particular book. Its characters will simply take your breath away every time.

You see, Eleanor & Park is a cute love story. That’s it, as simple as that. There is no real drama, no big fights, no dark secrets or dark plot twists in the middle of the book… Is a cute love story, one that will make you want to fall in love again.

In Eleanor & Park, author Rainbow Rowell tells us the most innocent, young love story of the last twenty years. It’s sweet, it’s full of cute moments, it’s fresh and young and the best part… It is actually delicious.
Throughout the book, Rowell reminds us what is like to be in love for the very first time. She does a beautiful job writing about it, and you can almost feel it: The shy smiles, the little kisses, that growing love that keeps getting bigger and bigger every time you see that special person because you can’t help but fall deeper in love with them.

Reading about these two kids really gets you in your feelings. You’ve got Eleanor, she’s kinda shy, extremely interesting, and not too good at making friends. Then you’ve got Park, who is the complete opposite of Eleanor. But they somehow work.

The way the story unfolds once Eleanor and Park met in the bus to school, gets you saying “aww” multiple times throughout the book. We get to see how two misfit kids who at first don’t have too much in common, develop a fabulous, healthy relationship that is stronger than anything they have ever known before.

It is incredibly heartwarming seeing this two characters spend time together and get to know each other. Rainbow Rowell does such an excellent job describing these bits you almost feel as if you are interfering a private moment that was meant for nobody else to see.

Eleanor & Park a YA novel that touches on some relevant topics like family and the heartbreak of the very first love, but does it in a way that really messes up with your feelings, that makes you actually feel what they are going through.

If you are up to read one of the cutest love story of our era, and exposing yourself to potential tears, then you must read Eleanor & Park right now. It’s moving, it’s touching, it’s an overall feel-nice book that you can’t just miss.


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