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Calculations in AS / A Level Chemistry

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Chemistry isn’t an easy class for anyone, that’s a fact. Yes, it is interesting, yes it is incredibly helpful, and it is one of the most amazing sciences out there. However, all of that doesn’t make it something easy to study.
Especially not when you are preparing to take a big exam that requires you to have an AS or A-level knowledge on the matter. But, luckily for you, there’s a book that can help you with that.
You see, there’s a massive gap between the GCSE level and the AS / A levels when it comes to chemistry, and it’s due to the many subjects regarding this science that is left untouched.
The Calculations in AS / A level Chemistry book helps students from 15 to 16 years old fill in that gap by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to keep evolving and passing each level.
This isn’t an ordinary chemistry book. As it is made to fill a significant gap in the education system, it is one of the complete books you’ll ever encounter, and that’s just a fact.
The Calculations in AS / A level Chemistry book is full of pages and pages of valuable information, summaries, key points, practical exercises, relevant theories and so on.
Each one of the pages in this book is perfectly crafted to serve a purpose and manage to get the point across. You could say this is a book that was meant to teach you everything the school system didn’t entirely manage to show you.
Like we just said, the Calculations in AS / A level Chemistry book is made with the intention to be a self-study textbook that will allow any student to successfully learn every subject and be able to remember everything afterwards.
Of course, every subject and topic found in this book is about chemistry, and it is adapted to be easy to understand and to meet the expectations of any High School student.
However, this does not mean the book is dull to read. Completely the opposite, this book is a fountain of knowledge and will be of great use to whoever decides to start reading it.


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