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AQA GCSE Physics Revision Guide

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When you are studying to take a big, important test, sticking only to the theory probably isn’t a good idea. Sure, it is the base of what you’ll learn, and without it, you won’t be able to understand anything, but practising what you learn is a must.
That is why every single book in the AQA GCSE book series come with a revision guide perfect for you, as a student to practice every lesson you’ve been studying and put your knowledge to the test.
However, this isn’t just a book for students that are trying to make their best at such a severe test, but also for teachers who want to keep track of how their students are doing and successfully help them prepare for such a rigorous test.
Now, if you are thinking about getting the AQA GCSE Physics Revision Guide, you’ve probably already read or studied everything the AQA GCSE physics Student book has to offer you.
If this is the case, then you will be happy to know this revision guide has absolutely everything you need to reassure that knowledge is there and put it to practice in an easy, yet helpful manner.
Within this revision guide, you’ll be able to do two essential things. First, you’ll be able to take that knowledge you already have and put it into practice by solving the many problems this guide has for you, and two; to go back and revise those problems to work on your weak points.
This revision guide is a great help for every student that’s struggling a bit with the theoretical part and wants to make sure they’ve got everything down by switching to the practice bit of the study method.
The physics revision guide is full with amazing samples, problems and even graphics to help you truly understand what is going on and make sure you know how to put that knowledge to work to your favour.
Perhaps the best thing about the AQA GCSE Physics Revision Guide is that it follows the student book perfectly, meaning you won’t encounter any other subjects or topics, but, rather than that, you’ll be able to keep reinforcing the issues you already know.
Without a doubt, this revision guide is the best compliment to your physics student book, and you should most definitely get it if you’re planning on achieving the highest note on the test.

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