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All the Bright Places

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Some books will make you cry, and then there are books that will make you sob uncontrollably because you just don’t know what to do with your feelings anymore… And this is the second kind of book.

If you have ever read anything from John Green, and you like his style of writing, then chances are you will enjoy this book. The writing itself is smooth going, full of energy, aggressive at times, and done to make you feel absolutely everything the main characters are going through… Like I said, pretty similar to John Green’s style.

But don’t think about this book as another romantic novel, because it isn’t like anything you have ever read before. It is an unconventional love story that explores some of the darkest sides of love, but it also shows us how love really is the only thing that can heal us.

All the Bright Places is one of those books that you should go in blind, meaning the less you know, the better. That way, as you keep on reading, you will discover new and exciting things about the story, the characters, and yourself.

However, you should know the book does touch on some tight and complicated topics such as suicide, depression, trauma and all that it takes to have someone that genuinely cares about you finally.

The thing is, even when the book is centred around those topics, especially suicide, it manages to write so well about it, it isn’t a sad or depressing book. Actually, the novel is pretty funny at times, and the story has a fresh, young feeling to it that will keep you hooked from the very first page.

Author Jennifer Niven managed to write a beautiful, heart whelming piece that touches on some sombre topics without making the whole thing feel like a drag, but actually making you feel as if you are living the same thing the protagonist is going through. You’ll smile with them, you’ll laugh, you’ll understand their problems, and of course, you will come along with them.
The story is just amazing, a great YA piece of writing, but let’s talk a bit about the main characters, which are the ones responsible for giving life to this book, and let me tell you… They won’t disappoint.

As I said, the less you know about the book, the better, but you should know that Flinch and Violet are two of the most real, human characters you’ll ever find in any book, ever.

They are two completely different people, with Flinch being an extrovert who’s secretly dealing with some stuff, and Violet is a sweet, but insecure girl who’s trying to make it through life. Their story will make you cry in more times than one, that’s for sure.


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