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A-Level Chemistry for OCR-A Student Book

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Amongst the many subjects you’ll have to study to prepare to take either of the examination exams of the OCR, you’ll have to study chemistry. A lot of it.
Whether you’re planning to take the GCSE or the A-level, you’ll have to read, study and better your knowledge in various subjects, including, of course, chemistry!
However, there are entire books dedicated to helping students pass these tests and get their qualifications, and the A-level Chemistry A for OCR Student Book (Ocr a Level) is one of those books.
But don’t get mistaken! This isn’t a regular chemistry book. Most of these books that are approved by the OCR aren’t just regular textbooks.
You see, instead of going through hundreds of textbooks trying to find the correct one that will help you study, you can get the A-Level Chemistry A for OCR Student Book (Ocr a Level) book and make sure you’re getting all the essential information you need!
The A Level Chemistry A for OCR Student Book (Ocr a Level) book is part of a series (not a collection, but series) of books that are approved by the OCR and intended to help students pass the A-level test.
This particular edition digs in very profoundly on essential chemistry subjects, so don’t expect it to be light and easy to read, because it isn’t. If anything, it is one of the most complete, dense books about the topic.
But don’t get discouraged! Although it might seem scared to start such a heavy book to put down, the truth is, this is one of the most helpful books you’ll find when it comes to this specific matter.
The A Level Chemistry A for OCR Student Book (Ocr a Level) book includes both the theory and some practical questions for you to solve that will help you develop the needed skills to pass (en exceed) this particular test!



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