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Eduqas B - GCSE - Geography -Water resources and management

Below is everything the examiners think you know, if you're not sure of something click on the link to watch my YouTube video explanation. For a copy of these you can print off, get the FREE revision guide I wrote for you.

 • I can define the following terms: water surplus, water deficit, water footprint, water transfer, water storage.

 • I can describe the past and present global trends in water supply, the concept of water footprints and security.

 • I can evaluate the social, economic and environmental reasons why demand and supply changes over time and place.

 • I can explain the links between population change, economic growth, consumerism and demand for water.

 • I can explain the concept of over-abstraction and the reasons for water transfer scheme.

 • I can explain the impact of over-abstraction on people, the economy and the environment , case study: The Colorado River (USA& Mexico)

 • The ways in which an imbalance of water supply can be met within one country (USA)

 • The international issues facing water management across international boundaries (USA and Mexico)