The Earth's Sea and Atmosphere. C1.1 Edexcel

Below is the exam specification for C1.1 'The Earth's Sea and Armosphere' for your Edexcel GCSE Core Science or Chemsitry GCSE. The exam specification, is what the examiners tell your teachers you should know. Use this as a check list to make sure you are prepared for your exam. After each statement I've put links to videos and other bits that will help you learn/revise each bit. Any videos request you have - use the link above.

'Recall that the gases produced by volcanic activity formed the
Earth’s early atmosphere' 


'Recall that the early atmosphere contained: a little or no oxygen, b a large amount of carbon dioxide, c water vapour and small amounts of other gases'


'Explain why there are different sources of information about the
development of the atmosphere which makes it difficult to be
precise about the evolution of the atmosphere'


'Describe how condensation of water vapour formed oceans'


'Describe how the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
was reduced by: a the dissolution of carbon dioxide into the oceans b the later incorporation of this dissolved carbon dioxide into
marine organisms which eventually formed carbonate rocks'


'Explain how the growth of primitive plants used carbon dioxide
and released oxygen by photosynthesis and consequently the
amount of oxygen in the atmosphere gradually increased'


1.7 Investigate the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere
1.8 Describe the current composition of the atmosphere and
interpret data sources showing this information

1.9 Demonstrate an understanding of how small changes in the
atmosphere occur through:
a volcanic activity
b human activity, including the burning of fossil fuels, farming
and deforestation