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These comments have all been left on my YouTube channel...

"I love your videos so much, and will definitely continue watching next year when moving to year 11. Biology is the only one I feel really confident in, so these on physics (my weakest) and chemistry massively help! Really wish you were my teacher at school ?"

 "Hi i would just like to say i am from a small school in Lincolnshire where the facilities are very crappy and the teachers cannot control their students very well but i am one of few whom wishes to do well in life and tries my absolute hardest and i came on youtube seeking just a little help for sections of my triple science exams i did not understand full and your videos have been a tremendous help and i find them very interesting too as i am natuarally gifted at science and enjoy challenges!
So thank you very much for all the content you produce!"

"Hi! I just wanted to thank you very much for making these videos.. i had my physics P2 and P3 exams today and i don't think i could have done most of my revision without your videos! I found them so easy to follow and everything was so well explained and i'm so thankful that you use your spare time to make these videos for lots of students like me .. so once again, thank you so much!! :D x"

"I keep meaning to thank you, I was really struggling with science, and I wouldn't have passed with an A* in C2 if it wasn't for you - averaging in a B in core and additional and a C in further additional which has allowed me to take psychology, biology and health&social care as my A-level options so I can pursue my dream to be a midwife! I hardly knew anything before I watched your videos and they are the only thing that got me through the exams! Thank you so so much!!"

"Hi, I am from Mr. Gozzards physics class and I just wanted to thank you on the behalf of my classmates and I for making this video it helped us immensely. Thank you"

"Got ABB in my sciences! In my mocks I got CCC so thank you so much for making these videos as they were so so so helpful!"