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Eduqas B GCSE - Geography - Shaping the landscape - coasts and coastal management

Below is everything the examiners think you know, if you're not sure of something click on the link to watch my YouTube video explanation. For a copy of these you can print off, get the FREE revision guide I wrote for you.

 • I understand how tidal movement occurs.

 • I understand the two main types of waves.

 • I understand the different types of erosion.

 • I can describe what mass movement is and share examples and impacts.

 • I can explain how geology can affect coastal landscapes.

 • I can explain how resistant rock formation are created and use examples.

 • I am able to define and explain the process of longshore drift.

 • I can explain what a groyne is and am able to explain how it prevents longshore drift

 • I can describe and explain the processes of transportation occurs, including traction, saltation, suspension and solution / LSD.

 • I can describe and explain how deposition creates features (spit and bar, estuaries) are formed.

 • I understand how seasonal weather and extreme events effect the coastline

 • I can describe the different methods of soft engineering and how effective they are.

 • I can describe and explain different methods of hard engineering and their effectiveness.

 • I understand the concepts of “hold the line” and “retreat the line” and evaluate the options

 • I understand what SMPs (shaping shoreline management plans) are and how they work.

 • I understand the government and LA roles in coastal SMP.

 • I understand the different stakeholders views and relate to a case study.

 • I can explain how coastal flooding by sea levels and increased frequency of storms can be managed.

 • I can describe and explain how the coastline in the UK and the Maldives (two different development coastline) is affected by climate change.