Oxygen: The molecule that made the world.

Nobody overthinks about Oxygen. It’s just there, it’s a molecule that it’s responsible for the air we breathe, and that’s it. Nobody overthinks of it… Unless you are Nick Lane, of course.

You see, Nick Lane did something most of us never even thought of doing, he studied everything about that small molecule and wrote a book about it, a book that shows just how vital Oxygen is. And boy, is it more important than you think.

In Oxygen: The molecule that made the world, author Nick Lane talks about probably the most essential molecule in the entire history of everything… Yes, you guessed it, Oxygen. Believe it or not, this small thing is responsible for both life and death on earth.

Through the book, we explore the history behind this molecule from various points of views. From a more scientific point of view to a molecular medicine point of view, we see how Oxygen is responsible for many, many things in life, if not life itself.

You see, author Nick Lane has always had a certain love for this particular element, and it shows throughout the whole book. However, Nick manages to keep a very neutral yet fascinating tone that makes you form your very own idea about this element, instead of just following what the author is telling you.

Nick Lane talks about the importance of Oxygen and how this molecule changes the whole history of the world in such a unique way, you don’t feel as if you are reading something complicated (although you are), but instead reading an extremely intriguing history.

Both scientist and people who have zero knowledge on the topic can enjoy this book, because author Nick Lane takes the time to explain every single thing, letting you know precisely why Oxygen is just so vital.

Not only this very small particular is responsible for life on earth (yes, that’s right, without it, water wouldn’t have been enough!) but it has an awful lot to do with ageing and death as well, more than you think.

Like we said earlier on, nobody overthinks of this element, but we are glad Nick Lane does because it leads him to write one of the best science books currently available on the market.

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