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Edexcel IGCSE Physics Topic 8 - Astrophysics

Below is everything the examiners think you know, if you're not sure of something click on the link to watch my YouTube video explanation. For a copy of these you can print off, get the FREE revision guide I wrote for you.

 • I can use and recall the equations and the units for this unit as shown in the equation sheet

 • I can describe the features of our universe; planets, galaxies and stars

 • I can recall that our solar system is in the Milky Way galaxy

 • I can recall that the gravity value varies from planet to planet, and from the Earth to the Moon

 • I can explain the perks of having gravity on and around Earth and what this helps us to achieve

 • I can describe the difference between the orbits of moons, comets and planets

 • I can use the equation linking orbital speed, orbital radius and time period

 • I can explain how stars can be classified according to their colour

 • I can recall that the colour of a star is related to temperature

 • I can describe star evolution of stars similar in mass to our Sun

 • I can describe star evolution of stars of a greater mass than our Sun

 • I can use the idea of absolute magnitude to represent the brightness of a star

 • I can sketch and label the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram (HR diagram)

 • I can recall the main facts and evidence in favour of the Big Bang (red shift and CMB)

 • I can recall that if the source of a wave is moving, wavelength and frequency will change too

 • I can use the equation linking change in wavelength, wavelength, velocity of a galaxy and the speed of light

 • I can describe red-shift

 • I can explain how red shift provides evidence for the Big Bang