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Edexcel IGCSE Biology Topic 4 - Ecology And The Environment

Below is everything the examiners think you know, if you're not sure of something click on the link to watch my YouTube video explanation. For a copy of these you can print off, get the FREE revision guide I wrote for you.

 • I can define the terms population, community, habitat and ecosystem

 • I can use quadrats to estimate population size

 • I can define the term biodiversity

 • I can measure biodiversity using quadrats

 • I can describe how abiotic and biotic factors affect organism distribution and size of population

 • I can label and define different trophic levels

 • I can describe and explain food chains, food webs, pyramids of number, pyramids of biomass and pyramids of energy transfer

 • I can describe transfer of substances and energy along a food chain

 • I can describe why only about 10% of energy is passed along food chains from one level to the next

 • I can describe the carbon cycle

 • I can describe the water cycle

 • I can describe the nitrogen cycle

 • I can describe how sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide affect the environment

 • I can name and describe the greenhouse gases

 • I can describe the activities that lead to humans creating greenhouse gases

 • I can recall the gases that contribute to global warming

 • I can describe the consequences of sewage pollution in water

 • I can describe eutrophication

 • I can describe all of the effects of deforestation

 • I can describe the impact that humans have on land use and the effect this has on plant and animal life

 • I can describe the use of polythene tunnels and glasshouses to increase crop yield

 • I can describe how increased carbon dioxide and increased temperature in glasshouses effect crop yield

 • I can describe how fertiliser increases crop yield

 • I can compare the advantages and disadvantages of pesticides and biological control on crop plants

 • I can fully describe all aspects of fish farming

 • I can describe the need for sustainable fisheries