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Get Exam Ready

 iGCSE Science Revision for Edexcel 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Topic 1 – Organisms and Life processes 

Topic 2 – Animal Physiology 

Topic 3 – Plant physiology 

Topic 4 – Ecology and the environment 

Topic 5 – Variation and selection 

Topic 6 – Microorganisms and genetic modification


Topic 1 - Principles of Chemistry 

Topic2 - Inorganic Chemistry 

Topic 3 - Physical Chemistry 

Topic 4 - Organic Chemistry

MUST LEARN!!! Circuit Symbols

MUST LEARN!!! Equations


Topic 1 – Forces and Motion 

Topic 2 – Electricity 

Topic 3 – Waves 

Topic 4 – Energy resources and energy transfers 

Topic 5 – Solids, liquids and gases 

Topic 6 – Magnetism and electromagnetism 

Topic 7 – Radioactivity and particles 

Topic 8 - Astrophysics

If you try these quizzes every month (or every other month) from now until your exams you should know the content really, really well. In the revision guide highlight your target grade in one colour, and every time you have completed a quiz (or a test in school) mark that on the table, so you can see how you are improving over time! 

Please note the grade boundaries used in this book are estimates, based on best data, this does not guarantee you this grade. You still have to work hard!